Monday, February 4, 2013

F1 Car Launches are Useless Exercises in Vanity

F1 car launches are most useless exercises in vanity. What does it matter if the new Red Bull car has a purple stepped up nose - the real question is, IS IT FAST? Good to know that its nose is not pink at least.

Red Bull's car, code-named the RB9. 
This is what helps sell 8 ounces of water, caffeine and sugar for $3

The cars are completely stripped of any meaningful aerodynamic bits. Drivers and staff rehearse their part for the Q&A session and the answers are totally mundane and predictable. At least the teams don't try to run the launch events in the Louvre or showcase their new car in front historic race cars lined up in a row for the press any more.

The Sauber C32: another meaningless code name

The only "useful" info at these car launches is the livery: colors and sponsors. It's very much like going to a fashion show: the outfits have no real-world use but the models are nice to look at even though they walk as if they've got springs for high heels. I'm just glad the drivers are not wearing high heels... yet.