Sunday, February 17, 2013

Most Entertaining Rally Footage 2011-2012

Hat Tip to Carlos S. via Speedworld

This video has some of the most entertaining rally footage. My favorites:

0:12 - Trabants can do this?
1:19 - Bouncing off spectators to slow the car down and get a quick push
1:45 - Photographer at the apex? Are you MAD??
1:56 - Drives like a boss but needs to tighten up that turn by good 15 feet
2:24 - Because drifting is more fun!
3:50 - Lada's marketing slogan should be: 180 all day!
4:34 - That's what you call a drift, dude? Left at least 15 feet of perfectly good pavement!
6:59 - Are these people really snapping up pictures in the spin zone at night?!