Thursday, February 28, 2013

Porsche Secretly Designs the 911 with Straight Exhaust Pipes?

Porsche has just recalled its 2012 and '13 base Carrera model for cracking tailpipes, according to filings with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The tailpipes could crack and fall off on these models as the cars age, especially past 25k miles. Only the base Carrera and Carrera 4 models equipped with the standard exhaust are affected. Carrera models fitted with the "louder sport exhaust", as the MSN article referenced above states, are not impacted by the recall, nor are any of the more powerful S models.

In our opinion, there are two fascinating theories in play that could explain this recall:
  1. Porsche has secretly designed an exhaust that self-destructs and gets rid of all related parts that slow the car down. We'll call this the "Straight Pipe" theory. Pure genius, right?
  2. Porsche has devised a plan to slowly turn their base 911 buyers into sports enthusiasts. These are the posers who buy the base model for the image it projects but are more interested in comfort and do not want the sportier options. As the exhaust parts gradually self-destruct and fall-off, the owners get to enjoy a sportier sound and appreciate the newly-found power gain. We'll call this the "Convert a Poseur" theory. Very clever approach from Porsche!
  3. Both of the above
Which theory would you say makes most sense:
  1. "Straight Pipe" theory
  2. "Convert a Poseur"
  3. Both of the above