Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Quiz No. 7: Name the Real Reason for the First C7 Stingray Crash

It's safe to assume that by now, everyone has seen the picture of the first ever C7 Corvette Stingray crash:

Hat Tip to Corvette Forum

It is remarkable for such an exciting car, which is not sold in dealerships yet, to crash on a public road. This requires a vote to help us better determine the real reason for the crash!

Please choose the correct answer:

1. GM wanted to showcase the C7 Stingray's capability to climb canyon walls.

2. GM wanted to showcase the C7 Stingray's rigid body shell and prove that it does not fall apart in accidents like previous generation Corvettes:

3. GM designed the C7's tail lights to look just like the Camaro's, so each time a Stingray crashes, it could say it was a Camaro.

4. Because Racecar but no racecar driver

5. All the above

Winner of this quiz will be awarded the first body part from a crashed C7 Stingray that OneHotLap puts its hands on.