Friday, February 15, 2013

Tesla Is Losing its Biggest Strength: Goodwill

Unless you've been stuck in a cave for the past few days, you've probably heard about the verbal spat between Tesla and the New York Times about the recent test-drive gone bad. This article sums up exactly how I feel about the story and current EV technology in general.

It's a shame that Tesla's Chief Evangelist is single-handedly wiping out the company's biggest strength: its goodwill. The story has painted all of Tesla in a very negative light and brought to the limelight all limitations of current EV technology, which make it a nuisance for the average car owner. This story may be one of the biggest automotive implosions when it comes to reputation and goodwill. Accessible or not, useful or useless, Tesla has been a cool brand. I doubt most people will think of them that way after this story...


  1. The problem is with what the Times reporter did. That is he DID NOT follow the recommendations of the manufacturer. And then when the car behaved the way it did they said this was a flaw of the car and reported it as such, and to a HUGE audience. They when confronted with this acted like it was no big deal. I've NO LOVE for the idea of electric cars. But when the car
    manufacturer says charge the car for so long, then you don't and get stuck you have yourself to blame. The cred of the Times is questionable for allowing this guy to submit or be on staff.

  2. Gary, This is worth a read to understand better how wrong Tesla is on many levels with the way they've handled the story.