Tuesday, February 5, 2013

This Is What a 160 mph Crash at Daytona Looks Like

This is an incredible video in which Jack Roush Jr.'s Mustang Boss 302R GT sends BGB Motorsports' 997 into the wall during the Continental 200 qualifying session at Daytona. The 160 mph accident happens just before the entry to the bus-stop at the end of the back straight. From the Cayman's onboard camera, it is clear that the Mustang cut in front of the Porsche just before braking, swiped its left front side, and sent it into the wall.

This is a totally avoidable accident and it looks downright reckless from the onboard camera. Roush Jr.'s team went on the win the Continental 200 at Daytona that weekend in spite of this lame maneuver that could have seriously injured the Porsche driver. If it's true that Roush Jr. has not apologized to the Porsche driver, he should reconsider and do the right thing to avoid tarnishing his otherwise fantastic Continental 200 win.