Sunday, February 3, 2013

Widebody Reversal: From Taylor Swift Back to Beyonce

Breaking news: In anticipation of Beyonce's Superbowl halftime show today, The STIG's OneHotLap cousin The SMIG has just announced a widebody reversal from Taylor Swift back to Beyonce for his race car. Long-time OneHotLap fans fondly remember the day when the SMIG's race car lost the sexy, curvy, Beyonce-like widebody for a skinny, hipster-gone-country Taylor Swift body. The SMIG's widebody reversal today will go from this...

 ...back to this:

From this...

...back to this:

Speculation is rampant about the exhaust configuration for the widebody conversion. The SMIG has not announced if the new Beyonce race car edition will have the single exhaust tailpipe routed through the left side of the trunk again (above)... OR the triple-pipe configuration that caused so much stir last time:

Stay tuned for more breaking news on these exciting developments later today.

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