Monday, April 1, 2013

A Guinea Pig Named Cuc-a-Fix Has Issued a Challenge!


A cute guinea pig known as Cuc-a-Fix has issued a challenge for Pudge The Cat! Cuc-a-Fix who loves cucumbers and is affectionately known as Cuca, is challenging Pudge to a race around Watkins Glen. Cuca is claiming that given enough cucumbers and strawberries for dessert, he can stay focused around the track and complete the world-famous 3.4-mile road course in less than two days.

"I feel that I am in good position to challenge Pudge around the Glen", Cuca said in an interview with National Geographic. "Given the number of squirrels that have been seen around Watkins Glen, Pudge is likely to go off course and disappear into the woods before we even get to the esses."

We are working on arranging a response from Pudge who was observed moving his moustache nervously earlier today.

Stay tuned.


  1. I believe that there is a family of squirrels that have both of these animals beat hands down!

  2. I would like to participate in this challenge as the best racer in my neighborhood! I can beat them both. Pudgy is a joke and such a girly cat! Did you see her love handles?!

  3. Chris, so true - the Flying squirrels are untouchable!!

    Hey Marsh the Cat, but do you have whiskers like Pudge??