Friday, April 5, 2013

Back of the Pack to the Front in 4 Minutes 40 Seconds!

Hat Tip to Adam B.

From the back of the pack to the front in 4 minutes 40 seconds! Amazing footage with really tight battles between the GT-R, Ferraris, Aston Martins and Porsches. It does not look like the GT-R has a distinct straightline advantage over the other cars but it outhandles them and eats them in the braking zone. Very impressive car and driving by this GT Academy graduate!

Top gamer and avid OneHotLap fan Mark D. commented:
This is fantastic. You can tell he learned to drive on a video game. I do most of the same things with my hands. This guy is really quick.

We wanted to know how he found out about the driver's video gaming skills. His response:
The way he grips the wheel. It not always the case, but I see a lot of the top gamer guys do that. Also, he takes his hands off a lot which you do when your hands get sweaty on the controller or wheel.

Scratching my head a bit but it kinda makes sense after a while.


  1. Hes clearly very confident under braking and turn in. That is awesome. My only caveat is how he saws the wheel back and forth quickly, it works on iRacing and other sims and even as good as tire models are now a days, I have to imagine hes wearing his tires rather quickly. But he will learn to adapt, all good drivers do.

  2. This guy has mad race craft skills. IDK what these other drivers are even doing on the same track as him. . . . Not taking anything away from the GTR, but this is def more a case of driver than car. The other guys on the track are relying more on the car than race craft skills. I bet another ten minutes of that and he'd be lapping the field again. Nice post!!!!!

  3. I think the sawing is to test that there is any traction left when at the limits more than anything or to counter an oversteer before it even starts to happen. That said he would gain "some" time by driving smoother right at the limits and maybe save some tire wear, but that's splitting hairs if they can rip through the field with that kind of precision in traffic without any incidents. Hats off to the driver, someday I would love to be able to reach that level!

  4. GeeWiz, When I take one hand off of the wheel, my DE instructor politely tells me "both hands on the wheel" but then, I don't drive like this guy.