Monday, April 1, 2013

OneHotLap Has Been Acquired by Pudge The Cat

Friends and family, OneHotLap supporters,

We are thrilled to share that OneHotLap has been acquired by world-famous Pudge The Cat. Most of you have probably seen the adorable two-faced exotic shorthair cat with a mustache all over the Internet.

This was a painful but necessary decision. On on hand, we love the work that we do here at OneHotLap but let's face it - in spite of all our efforts, we still cannot get to 1,000 Likes on Facebook, barely have any real Twitter followers, have fewer followers on Instagram than the average guinea pig pet, and it's always the same few fans posting most of the comments on the site (we do love you both!)

Truth is, cats, not cars, have mass appeal. Most people would rather read about interesting cats and when it comes down to exotic cats, Pudge The Cat has no competition. Pudge's fan numbers tell the story: 6,820 Facebook fans, over 1,000 Twitter followers, and amazingly, 41,000 followers on Instagram! While OneHotLap can barely give away its t-shirts below cost, Pudge The Cat has a thriving online store. At the current pace of growth, it would have taken take OneHotLap at least 5 years to get anywhere close to Pudge's level of popularity.

We are very excited about the opportunity to work under the Pudge umbrella. We will be covering Pudge from a racing angle: estimates for his lap time around various racetracks and autocross events, as well as modifications and type of grooming needed to speed him up while keeping his maintenance affordable. Please continue to support us in our new venture and be patient as we give OneHotLap a major makeover in the next few days. Send us your thoughts on the Pudge acquisition and let us know what other Pudgy topics you'd like to read about.