Saturday, June 1, 2013

Pictures and Top 20 Times from BMW CCA Boston Autocross Event 2

Pictures by Chang Ho Kim

The proper way to flog a friend's car!

 The setup crew hard at work

Remarkable day for cars on street tires taking 1st and 3rd place!

Drivers' meeting

One FUN 1M!

A kitten skipping sideways? Those cute flames aren't scaring anybody.

Contact patch explained

Yep, you can lower it another half inch.

I think this Z looks confused about its camber settings.

The life expectancy of that license pate is short. Very short!

I didn't do it, officer...

C'mon, it's not like I'm dragging a dead body under the car...

Out of a sudden, a cone in the middle of the course!

Big grins!

One fantastic corner worker!

I swear that cone wasn't there on my last run...

A cone turned front splitter?

C'mon, spit it out.

2 wheels only needed for cornering

Because sideways is more fun!

White smoke? I thought they'd picked a new pope alrready?!