Thursday, July 31, 2014

One of The Most Impressive-Looking Automotive Sites I’ve Seen

I think we’ve all grown to expect technology to read our minds and every site to have good usability and offer great overall experience. Like most of us, I love shopping at Amazon but sometimes I wonder why they recommend stuff like the Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods Bounty Hunters Set to me. My son keeps a pretty straight face when I ask if he knows anything about that.

I was looking for upgrades for my 2001 BMW 325i when I stumbled upon - a very cool site for auto parts that has one of the most impressive-looking interfaces I have seen in a while. The first thing that grabbed my attention is the snazzy look and feel, which turned out to be very functional too. But there really are so many cool-looking sites these days. The part that I loved next was that their page header changes seamlessly according to the car make I select for my upgrades. Pick an Alfa Romeo? Super cool! You get this picture:

Forget the 325i upgrades. Now I really want to run out and buy an Alfa. Make that a Competizione 8C, please. I’ve been drooling over its pictures ever since it first came out a few years ago.

Pick a BMW? You get this picture:

Way cool! BMW designers should spend more time around here to figure out how to come up with better-looking cars. I bet they hadn’t looked at when they were designing the 5-series Hatchback Crossover officially known as the 535i xDrive Gran Turismo AWD with eco-conscious performance for confused people. At least they didn’t call it the 535i xDrive Need for Speed AWD… Remember when we all cried foul at Chris Bangle’s designs like the flame surfacing on the Z4? Yeah, the Gran Turismo guy makes Bangle look like a saint.

So the car pictures are pretty damn good but it gets even better. Pick the 2001 325i model and the header changes to an E46. It doesn’t look exactly like mine but that’s probably a good thing considering mine has 192k miles, 100+ track and autocross days and it’s lived most of its life on the edge of adhesion. I’m running out of close range angles that still make it look good. I’ll take the one from, please – it’s a nice E46 M3 convertible begging to be revved up.

I started looking at brake pads and the next thing that surprised me nicely is that they actually show a diagram of the pad and exact dimensions, in this case for the Hawk HP Plus. I have not seen that anywhere yet. Even better, their discounted prices are a touch below the Tirerack prices for the same item. Looks like CARiD has a variety of easy payment options, including Paypal (my favorite payment method for ugh… discretionary automotive expenses that won’t typically pass the family budget), gift cards, etc. Free shipping, yay, that’s a must.

 Click. Pay. Install. Race.

Now let’s see if they’ll figure out after a couple of purchases that I need brake ducts, camber bolts, fender flairs, a front skirt, and the biggest wing I can fit on the trunk more than I need RainX. Take that, Angry Birds!