Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What Causes Rotors to Glaze Partially Like This?

 Front driver side

Front passenger side

Does anyone know what causes rotors to glaze partially like this? These are BMW Z4 M Coupe factory rotors, floating design, running Hawk DTC 60 race pads, dual driver car at the autocross on a very hot (100 F) day. Pads had already been bedded to the rotors and both have a total of 4 track days.

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  1. Probably just high/low spots on the pad and/or a result of the factory calipers being of the floating (sliding) variety and not fixed. Floating calipers (not rotors) results in the pad tilting/twisting under hard braking and cornering and is why most, if not all BBKs use a fixed caliper.