Thursday, August 29, 2013

Chasing BMW Performance Driving School's M6 at Laguna Seca

BMW CCA Oktoberfest '13, Laguna Seca, August 15, 2013

BMW E92 M3 daily driver


BMW Performance Driving School's M6


  1. I was the passenger of this fun chase. What a hoot. And top notch driving by Christo! The M6 definitely felt the pressure and was riding its mirrors :-)

    Still impressive for a heavy barge on street tires though!

  2. Thanks buddy! I could not have wished for a better passenger - could not scare you, hard as I tried :) The E63 M6 is listed at 3,770 lbs and the E90 M3 at 3,800 lbs, so I think they'd be very close in terms of weight. At 500 vs. 414 HP, the M6 has a 20% better power-to-weight ratio.

    1. This is not the E63 M6, it's the F12 M6 which weighs 4243.9lbs..., over 400lbs more than then E92 M3!!!

    2. Oooh, thanks for the correction. It also has 560 HP instead of 500, so about the same 20% better power-to-weight ratio compared to the E90 M3 ;)