Friday, August 16, 2013

How To Get Your Shitbox into The 14's


This is a really funny write-up on so many levels! If your race car's aesthetics are in doubt, just remember: "Chicks dig convertibles."

Step 1: Baseline
Before suggesting modifications, it's critical we know where Mr. To Race is starting. His car is a 2001 Sentra SE with the venerable SR20DE powerplant. This is the newest variant of the SR20, with a close-coupled cat, roller rockers, and a four-counterweight crank. None of this matters at all, because without money, you can't extract the tremendous potential of this engine. The car also has heavy 19-inch wheels, cut springs and one of the most aggressive body kits we've ever seen. We find three kittens and a squirrel cowering in fear inside one of the massive front air intakes...

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