Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ross Bentley's Instructor Series: #5 - Quit Lying

I am thrilled to share that world famous performance coach, race car driver, author, and speaker Ross Bentley has put together a series of instructor-focused articles exclusively for OneHotLap. Here is Part I - What It's All AboutPart II - What Happens When You Ask Questions?Part III - Integrate Classroom With On-track Instruction and Part IV - Watch What Your Body Says in case you missed them. And here is today's eye-opening Part V in the series --

#5 - Quit Lying
How can a driver like Dario Franchitti right-foot-brake and keep up with all the left-foot- brakers? Come on, tell me. Don't give me that confused look, just tell me how he does it.

It's at this point that many instructors do the worst thing they could ever possibly do. They make up an answer. Sure, it might be right. Then again, it might not.

Why would an instructor make up an answer when they don't know the real answer? Because their ego is getting in the way. As an instructor, many people think that you're supposed to be "all knowing." That could not be further from the truth.

If you do not know how to answer a student's question, do not B.S.  After admitting this is a good question or comment, suggest that you will find out and let them know. Then do that. You don’t have to know everything. Your students will learn from what you do know. The rest, you can figure out together.

The next time you’re asked a question by a student that you don't know the answer to, admit it, and then help them find out the answer. Of course, in doing so, you will have taught yourself at least two things: the answer to the question, and that you don’t know everything!

Ross Bentley

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