Saturday, October 19, 2013

Things to Avoid at New Hampshire Motor Speedway

Hat Tip to Val M.

Things to avoid at New Hampshire Motor Speedway: hitting the very rough curbing, which has huge holes at some key turns: going up the hill at the trackout after Turn 3, at the inside of Turn 8, and at the trackout after turn 11b. Here's a map of the track to help you identify these problem areas:

Areas with holes in the curbing highligted in red

The rim above was bent by a very unfortunate car which tracked a bit wide and hit the hole coming out of Turn 11b. Both the front and rear passenenger side rims and tires were severely damaged - a small but very costly mistake!

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  1. well I am not sure what to say about this. Turn four there is no "Hole", simply if you slide off into the grass and run the car down the banking you could "Break" something. Turn 8 there is no "Hole" but a low spot where everybody wants to cut the slight corner for the approach to 9. And 11 section has a section of curbing which is to prevent a runoff for those with excessive wide entry into the grass...that's my take.