Thursday, December 26, 2013

Watkins Glen’s Mystique

Every time I talk to drivers about tracks they'd like to go to, Watkins Glen inevitably comes up in the conversation. Some say it’s because it’s so fast. Or flows well. Or because it’s long. Whatever the reason, it’s undisputable that The Glen has that certain je ne sais quoi, mystique, reverence that you need needs to experience for yourself to truly understand.

Tips on driving the Glen

One of the advantages of driving a long track with many passing zones like the Glen is that you can have a large group of cars or even combined run groups on it at a time without causing any trains. You can get 4 hours of seat time per day with some clubs – enough to start running out of brakes and tires and still not be able to wipe the grin off their face.

Spring is a beautiful time of year at the Glen. The drive up there is gorgeous and the area is peaceful. There is also a lot to do nearby -- it’s a bit more spread out than Tremblant but the area offers a decent variety of food: from fast food restaurants, an authentic German restaurant, wineries, to an upscale lakeview dining experience at the Harbor Hotel. The Watkins Glen State Park is worth a trip and it starts right in the center of town. Sailing or renting a boat or a kayak on the lake is a great option too, as is visiting the Corning Museum of Glass. The popular hotels fill up fast that time of year, so make sure to book yours ahead of time.

How can the road leading to a fiercely fast racetrack be so peaceful?

Best of all, see if you can uncover Watkins Glen’s  mystique and share your experience with us. Oh, and remember to bring a spare set of brake pads. It’s fast, remember? Very fast.