Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Worst "10 Best Racing Movie Ranking" of All Time!

We searched high and low and found the worst racing movie ranking of all time! The ranking, titled The 10 Best Car-Racing Movies of All Time includes Speed (a movie about a girl driving a BUS!), Smokey & The Bandit (cross-country booze smuggle) and comedy Talladega Nights. Missing from the list are real racing movies like LeMans, Grand Prix, Winning, Death Race 2000, Six Pack, Gumball Rally, Heart Like A Wheel, Herbie!, and amazingly, even Senna (thank you, Carl H. for pointing these out). It's doubtful the person who put together this "car-racing" ranking has even sat in a real race car. This is a list of good (and some great!) movies, but a title like "Movies With Fast Cars in Them" would have been more suitable.

What do you think -- what does your real car-racing movie ranking look like?