Thursday, June 5, 2014

One Very Fast ChumpCar 318ti!

Here's a great ChumpCar video sent in by Phil E. In his words:

This was the first laps around Watkins Glen on Friday. I got it down to steady 2:24s with 2:22 as our fast lap. This was a new build and this was the first outing, so suspension was still unsorted. The weight without fuel or driver is 1,820lbs. Pictures attached show perfect corner weights with 16 gallons of fuel (1,944lbs). The motor is an M52 (OBD1 converted), TRM-tuned with 21.5-lb injectors. No dyno yet but likely 200 HP. ChumpCar's MPV for the 318ti is $430 and motor swap only adds $50 but I had some adjustable shocks and aluminum radiator and Lexan hatch, so I just went to class EC (and a couple of buddies went EC too for this race). We built it for Chump and also the new AER series. We led overall for a while but dropped to 3rd overall after a late fuel stop. Car has a 22-gallon fuel cell, M3 front struts and brakes, a ZF box, and a medium case 3.25 LSD diff with e36 dual horn cover mod. 17" wheels.

Phil E.

This 1,820-lb, 200-HP ChumpCar 318ti runs the Glen in 2:22

Perfect corner weights with 16 gallons of fuel (1,944lbs)