Saturday, June 7, 2014

OneHotLap Quiz: Guess The Track, Corner, Event and Year

Guess The Track, Corner, Event and Year


  1. Very good guess, Greg - you got 3 of the 4! It's the '68 GP. I still cannot believe spectators used to watch the race from Turn 2. And those were probably considered some of the best seats at the time.

    Full credit:
    Braced for bad luck, Mont-Tremblant, 1968
    Between 1967 and 1970, Mosport alternated Canadian Grand Prix hosting duties with the similarly spectacular, similarly undulating Mont-Tremblant circuit in Quebec. This photo, taken during the early stages of the 1968 race, shows the perennially unlucky Chris Amon leading Jo Siffert around the picturesque tree-lined track. Both men would fail to finish - Siffert lost second place when his privately-entered Lotus developed a fuel leak on lap 29, while the transmission on Amon’s race-leading Ferrari 312 failed less than 18 laps from the chequered flag. The New Zealander never would win a world championship race.
    (© LAT Photographic)