Monday, July 28, 2014

An Epic Miata Chase at Chumpcar's Lime Rock Race

Five really fun laps chasing the Schumacher Taxi Service Miata
at Chumpcar's Lime Rock Park race. 
I got some help from the traffic
and the timing worked out perfectly for a pass!


  1. Yeah, he got hosed by hitting traffic in the Uphill, and you could see your momentum was going to catch him at that point. At least he didn't block you by tracking out cresting the hill. We took a track walk Sunday and you'd know exactly why the tires aren't happy on the outside of Big Bend: there's no camber on the outside half of the track surface. You have nice camber on the inside half, but as soon as the asphalt gets to the middle of the track width, the camber goes away and it is dead flat.

    1. Yes, he drove a good race. Definitely could've blocked me and would've been legal but I think he knew I had co much more speed at that point, I wasn't going to back off. It's a 3,400-lb car -- doesn't every Miata want to stay out of its way?? :)