Monday, October 6, 2014

Inner Speed Secrets Webinar

Great news: world famous performance coach, race car driver, author and speaker Ross Bentley is doing a webinar featuring his Inner Speed Secrets program. He's always done these in person for a group in seminar format, or one-on-one when coaching a driver. It’s all about the mental game of driving. But he wants to offer it to even more people and we are glad to spread the word. Take a look at for the webinar info. Registration closes this coming Friday (Oct. 10). 

This is why you should consider attending:
  • This program is unique, and exclusive, but being made available online, for the first time.
  • Some of the best drivers in the world have used this program, and it really makes a difference – drivers will perform better than they ever have.
  • Due to the webinar format, Ross is able to deliver this program at a very low price, but registration is limited. Sign up before October 10 to get a spot. Don't delay or you'll get left behind by the drivers who do participate in the webinar.
  • This program has truly been a secret of a relatively small number of drivers, and Ross is now making it more available for a limited time - still only to those who register by this Friday, October 10.
  • The program will help drivers get into the zone and perform at their best more often. Who doesn’t want that?!