Tuesday, January 27, 2015

It's Called HOONING!

"I don't know what just happened there..."
"Not sure if that was a little sliding or spinning..."

It's neither! It's called HOONING!

1/28/2015 Update: corrected link - starts at 0:35

Monday, January 26, 2015

Bad Cars, Poor Drivers Set Guinness World Record

Yes, that's a lot of cars. But don't worry, many will break down on the warm-up lap...

San Francisco CA--Thanks to the biggest assemblage of motorized parolees since the Mariel Boatlift, crapcan series 24 Hours of LeMons has officially set the Guinness World Record for "Most Participants in a Car Race."

Some 216 teams (sporting 1100+ drivers) took the starting laps at LeMons' Thunderhill Raceway Park event last September. Which sounds pretty impressive 'til you learn that 242 teams had shown up, and the rest couldn't make their damn hoopties crank over. (That's clearly a record as well.) Special thanks to veteran LeMons driver Julian Cordle, who navigated Guinness's DMV-worthy, six-month-long certification process singlehandedly without suffering an aneurysm, no doubtalso a record.

With certification now final, all of the drivers who ran the event become official Guinness World Record holders. Those who'd like crap on their walls to prove it can buy personalized Official Record Holder certificates from Guinness at their World's Most Confusing Order Pagehere.

LeMons' next record attempt will be "Most SCCA Members Weeping at What the Sport's Come To."

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Hey! Patron Deserves Way Better Than This!

The bad-ass Z4 GTLM gets punted off the track and makes a miraculous save at the 2015 Rolex 24!

The Wheel Is Doing A Decent Line at The Moment...

"It's doing a decent line but at the moment, I'm not quite sure it's on the line... it looks like it might be a Ferrari." LMAO!!

Passing on The Grass Looks Really Cool...

Passing on the grass looks really cool... until you have to slow the car down. This is how these two Porsche factory cars took each other out at the 2015 Rolex 24.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Onboard with Robert Kubica's at the 2015 Rally Monte Carlo

Another masterful display by Robert Kubica at the 2015 Rally Monte Carlo! It's really cool to watch how tight he cuts every apex. And check out how close to a major disaster he comes at 13.43.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

2015 WRC Rallye Monte-Carlo Highlights

The car control in rally never seizes to amaze me. Constantly changing traction. A new course every round. A driver on the edge of adhesion against the clock. The 2015 WRC Rallye Monte-Carlo highlights offer some of the best rally footage I've seen anywhere and I like to watch the slo-mo frames over and over again!

Monday, January 19, 2015

McLaren, Ferrari and Porsche-licensed Lego Cars!

Source: Lego

If you love racing and you love legos, you'd probably be psyched to hear that Lego is coming up with a new line of Legos centered on racing. It features licensed cars from McLaren, Ferrari, Porsche and Mercedes and will be available in Spring 2015. Can't wait to put my hands on these!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Lime Rock M3 under Snow

A little snow never killed an M3, especially the Lime rock edition!

Monday, January 5, 2015

The 2015 Dakar Rally at a Glance

The official Dakar teaser

The 2015 Dakar rally kicks off his year's racing season. Dakar is by far the toughest off-road motorsports contest anywhere. Over the course of its storied history, Dakar has seen over 20 driver deaths! The 37th edition of the race has 13 demanding stages: it starts in Buenos Aires, Argentina, goes through Chile and Bolivia, and ends back in the Argentinian capital.

On January 4, 665 competitors from 53 nations and 414 vehicles (164 motorcycles, 48 quads, 138 cars, and 64 trucks) started the race from Buenos Aires.

Robby Gordon will make his 11th attempt to become the first American to take overall victory. He is on a privateer team up against factory-backed efforts from defending champion Mini, perennial contender Peugeot, Toyota, Renault, and Ford.

The total length of the 2015 edition is 5,772 miles with two monster length stages. Highest elevation reached will be 13,650 feet and turbo cars will again have a distinct advantage in thin air.

Dakar 2015 – key figures
Total route: 5,772 miles
Total timed specials: 2,952 miles
Longest distance in a single day: 636 miles (Stage 12)
Longest timed special: 485 miles (Stage 8)
Shortest distance in a single day: 244 miles (Stage 13)
Average annual rainfall in the Atacama Desert (Chile): 0 in.
Competitors: 665
Vehicles: 414 (164 motorcycles, 48 quad bikes, 138 cars, 64 trucks)
Nationalities: 53, including first-time entries from India, New Zealand, and Taiwan
Spectators in 2014: 3.9 million (Argentina: 2.5 million; Bolivia: 410,000; Chile: 1 million)
TV hours: 1,200 in 190 countries
Start Sunday, January 4 – Rest Day Saturday, Jan 10 – Finish Saturday, January 17

January 4 Stage 1: Buenos Aires to Villa Carlos Paz – 411 mile liaison, 109 mile special (520 miles)
January 5 Stage 2: Villa Carlos Paz to San Juan – 66 mi. liaison, 322 mi. special (388 mi)
January 6 Stage 3: San Juan to Chilecito – 271 mi. liaison, 137 mi. special (408 mi.)
January 7 Stage 4: Chilecito to CopiapĆ³ – 369 mi. liaison, 196 mi. special (565 mi.)
January 8 Stage 5: CopiapĆ³ to Antofagasta – 148 mi. liaison, 285 mil special (433 mi.)
January 9 Stage 6: Antofagasta to Iquique – 229 mi. liaison, 198 mi. special (427 mi.)
January 10 Rest Day: Iquique, Chile
January 11 Stage 7: Iquique to Uyuni – 246 mi. liaison, 199 mi. special (445 mi.)
January 12 Stage 8: Uyuni to Iquique – 15 mi. liaison, 485 mi. special (500 mi.)
January 13 Stage 9: Iquique to Calama – 55 mi. liaison, 280 mi. special (335 mi.)
January 14 Stage 10: Calama Marathon Stage – 323 mi. liaison, 230 mi. special (553 mi.)
January 15 Stage 11: Marathon Stage to Termas Rio Honda – 100 mi. liaison, 218 mi. special (318 mi.)
January 16 Stage 12: Termas Rio Honda to Rosario – 451 mi. liaison, 185 mi. special (636 mi.)
January 17 Stage 13: Rosario to Buenos Aires – 136 mi. liaison, 108 mi. special (244 mi.)