Thursday, June 4, 2015

Palmer Motorsports Park - RAIN LINE

The best part about the rain line at Palmer is that there is no rain line. Yet. This is because the pavement is new and no racing series have run there yet. There are no concrete patches like Watkins Glen and there is not enough rubber deposited from tires yet that could make the regular dry line more slippery in the rain. Couple of tips (track map):
  1. Watch for standing water, especially in Turn 2, which practically had a small river running through it during a downpour.
  2. Traction was very decent in Turns 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.
  3. Traction was significantly better than expected in Turn 8 even with its stupendous elevation change. 
  4. Watch your entry speed into Turn 9 (the fast left hander). The slippery conditions may be just enough to push you off the apex and that's trouble at the exit as the camber drops off fast. 
  5. The braking zone into 10 is a bit bumpy and the rain extends it. Be safe here, there is absolutely no runoff.
  6. Turns 11, 12, and 13 require very smooth inputs in order to get fast through them.
  7. Turn 14 becomes more of a throwaway as you won't be able to get on the throttle as early, so focus on placement and exit speed out of Turn 15.
Palmer is a driver's track and it was even MORE FUN in the rain! My favorite conditions for driving it were when the rain line started drying up in spots and you really have to hunt for traction and go by feel. There are no easy reference points anywhere on the track either, so you'll have to drive a lot by feel here. Drivers wanted!